Protect Your Investment

I know the current temperatures have been mild so far, but the cold weather is coming. It’s not too late to winterize your home so you keep the heat in and the cold out. Here are a few tips to protect your home and save some money over the winter months.

• Heating System: Now is the time to make sure everything is working properly. Before you leave for an extended period of holiday travel, be sure to keep your heat set at a minimum of 50 degrees. Also, replace your air filters if they are dirty.

• Air Conditioning: Just because you will not be running the air much over the next few months, this is the time to clean the unit and remove any dirt and debris.

• Fireplace Safety: Before you have the first blaze of the season, make sure your chimney did not have any critters make it their home this past season. It’s very common for squirrels or birds to nest, so shine a flash light up the flue to make sure the coast is clear. And while you are at it, make sure that there are no blockages you can’t see. One way to check is to open the flue and light a small piece of paper on fire and make sure the smoke rises up without any problems.

• Plumbing: Turn off all of your exterior spickets and remove all hoses. Make sure to insulate any exposed exterior piping. Ace Hardware and Home Depot have kits to make this job a snap.

If you follow these easy steps, you will not only protect your beautiful Big Canoe home, but you will also save some money this winter season. Stay warm and enjoy the holidays!