What is Canoe Life?


I have been noticing all of the new billboards around our community and it naturally drew me to the Big Canoe website. When I arrived at the site, I was blown away by what I saw. It was a brand new website that depicts just how visually striking our community is. Canoe Life….now I know what is meant by that term. For those of us lucky enough to call Big Canoe home, or even a second home, it’s our mountain retreat that has many unique meanings to all of us.

I remember the first time my wife and I visited the community. As soon as we entered the gates, we knew this was a special place. Canoe Life varies from day to day. We never know where the day will take us, which makes living here such an adventure. It may start with an early tee time to exchange a few Nassau’s with the regular foursome.

Or, it may start with a dog walk in one of the many parks to enjoy the morning air before challenging ourselves to a more aggressive hike on one of the many motivating trail systems. Some days, we simply just enjoy the peaceful view and mountain breeze from our own back porch with a good book and each other’s company. Sometimes, the afternoons are used to test our balance on the new fleet of paddleboards at the Marina before heading over to The Swim Club to watch the kids enjoy themselves on the expansive water slides. It doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. It continues with dining options inside or just outside the gates before heading over to The Clubhouse Veranda to listen to some live music. This incredible lifestyle at Big Canoe that my family and I have chosen and the memories that we are making, is what defines Canoe Life to us.

What does your Canoe Life look like? You should share your own experiences on the Big Canoe Facebook page.