The Beauty of Pure Fresh Water at Big Canoe

By David Holty – Big Canoe is blessed with an adequate supply of pure, fresh water. A recent study, conducted by volunteers assisted by a State Biologist from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, showed that the water quality in our Blackwell Creek is excellent. The water stored in our lakes and flowing through the community via our watersheds provides the resource that is purified and supplied to Big Canoe customers by our water company. And it is great water!

Many of our residents moved here from the Atlanta area, and they are especially thankful for the quality of our water. We used to buy bottled water before we moved to the North Georgia mountains, but we have never needed to do that here; our water is not only pure and clean, but it is delicious. Right out of the tap it tastes good, and it’s also great for making coffee and iced tea. Next time you visit, try some! You’ll see why our water is yet another of the blessings for which we are thankful.