Big Canoe Residents Have Much to be Thankful For

By David Holty – All we have to do is look out our window on a sunny day and we are thankful all over again. Big Canoe is especially beautiful this time of year, when Mother Nature puts on her autumn show.

We love all of our amenities, of course, but we’ve said it before. The most popular of all our amenities is our system of 22 miles of hiking trails. They lead us through beautiful forests, along lake shores and streams, and across meadows. We are thankful for the master plan which provided so much natural green space. We are thankful for the hundreds of volunteers who work year-round to preserve and protect Big Canoe’s natural environment. We are thankful for our friends and neighbors who share our love of the outdoors and believe in the concept of living in harmony with nature. And we are thankful for the wildlife: the birds and animals who share this wonderful place with us.

Many of us think it all starts with our trees. We know the feeling of peace and tranquility which comes from walking in the forest. Somehow the cares of the world seem a little less oppressive when we are hiking in the woods. We know it makes us feel better, and not just in spirit. Science has established some real physiological benefits from spending time in wooded areas. Trees sequester carbon dioxide and increase the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. The air is healthy in the woods. Trees also emit natural essential oils which form aerosols in the forest. Breathing these aerosols has been documented to reduce tension and increase white blood cell counts, which have many health benefits. We are getting aerobic exercise, which is good for our hearts. Tranquility brings peace– a welcome respite from the frenzied excesses of the outside world. And we are experiencing natural beauty all around us, which is good for the soul!

Yes, I’m thankful that we found Big Canoe seventeen years ago. Surveys of our residents have shown extraordinarily high levels of satisfaction with life in this community. Here’s an easy way to try it yourself. Check out the “Welcome to Big Canoe” greeting on On the home page you’ll find a link to an aerial video showing a tour of the community from a new perspective. You’ll be impressed with all the activities available here in the North Georgia Mountains. This spectacular new video is a great introduction to all the things we Big Canoe residents are thankful for.”