The Accidental Golfer

accidentalgolferRobin: Golf? Here’s how I saw it: a guy hits a ball, then hits it again, and finally it goes into a little hole. Golf takes a long time and you have to be very quiet. All this seemed boring to me, a runner; half marathons were my sport. Golf never interested me despite the fact that we lived on a golf course in Florida, and my husband, Keith, was an avid golfer. My attitude changed five years ago when we decided to retire and build our dream home in the beautiful mountains of Big Canoe.

My running days had come to an end thanks to painful achilles tendinitis. When Keith asked if I’d like to try golf, I told him to buy me a very inexpensive set of beginner’s clubs because I was 58 years old at the time and pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy the sport at all. He got the cheap clubs and then did the best thing to ensure my enthusiasm would grow: he took me shopping for cute golf shoes (smart man!).

Keith: Those beginner golf clubs lasted all of three weeks before Robin looked at me and said, “Yeah, I’m going to need better clubs.” There are many different golfing groups at Big Canoe; Robin started with a very low-stress group lesson called “Learning Ladies”, then moved to private lessons, working up to playing with the Women’s Golf Association 9-Hole group. She and I are now members of several golfing groups, enjoying scrambles and tournaments throughout the season.

Playing on this beautiful mountain course and spending time together doing something we both love has become an important part of our Canoe Life. We’ve also met people who have become lifelong friends and treasured neighbors, making priceless memories together on and off the course.

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