A League of Our Own: Bocce Ball in Big Canoe

BocceIt all started in 2005, when a Big Canoe couple decided that the community needed bocce courts. They contacted the Big Canoe Developer, who agreed to build two of them. These first courts were prone to flooding after a hard rain, making them frequently unusable. Despite this, the fledgling bocce league quickly swelled to 60 members, then 150 members within the first three years. Clearly there was a demand for this fun Italian sport!

When league membership included more than 200 members, the bocce players realized new courts were necessary. So,the two existing courts were demolished and rebuilt, along with a third court, with better drainage, benches, and scoreboards. Now the courts no longer flood and players and spectators are much more comfortable.

Today, the Big Canoe Bocce League includes three or four conferences with eight or nine teams, depending on enrollment. Play offs at the end of each spring and fall season determine the league champions, with prizes awarded to the best players. Everyone is encouraged to bring a snack to share, plus their own libation of choice.

Non-league players may sign up for a court at the Tennis Center for a small fee, with priority always given to league matches. Bocce balls are provided at signup. For more information, or to join the Big Canoe Bocce League, contact bcboccefun@gmail.com or visit www.bigcanoebocce.com.