EXCITING NEWS!! Watch the “Year in the Life of Big Canoe” Video Preview

yearinthelifepreviewBig Canoe is such an unbelievably unique place, and as Big Canoe Company’s Marketing Director, I know firsthand how incredible this community is. I feel very fortunate that I get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that is Big Canoe, all of the time! Inspiring others to discover and experience the serenity that resides in Big Canoe is the best part of my job.

In 2015, I had an idea to do some sort of video project that was shot over the span of an entire year in Big Canoe. What better way to capture the beauty, lifestyle and true sense of community found throughout these 8,000 mountainous acres? Thus began my search for the individual or company that could help make my bold vision a reality.

I first met Mark Green in the Fall of 2015 when he and his wife were considering moving from Houston to Big Canoe, and I was thrilled to hear about his impressive professional background in commercial photography and video production. As fate would have it, the Greens decided to call Big Canoe home in the Spring of 2016, and that was when I approached him with my video project idea. His skillset paired with living within the community made for the perfect scenario to create this work. “This project is really a dream assignment.” says Mark. “Living and doing creative work in an environment as beautiful and active as Big Canoe has been fantastic.”

We began filming last Summer (2016), and Mark has been dedicated to bringing this project to life. The video, titled “Canoe Life: A Year in the Life of Big Canoe”, will feature drone’s-eye views of the stunning 8,000-acre landscapes, actual community events and gatherings, native wildlife, mountain homes, the changing seasons and holidays, and so much more; all captured right here in Big Canoe. The goal is to present a condensed “cinematic experience” of sorts through visual storytelling, that displays what life is like for a resident in Big Canoe throughout the year. My hope is that you will feel inspired by the sense of community, beautiful nature and landscapes, endless adventure and possibilities within Big Canoe.

The complete video will not be released until late summer 2017, to encompass the full 12 months. However, we have special a sneak preview for you to enjoy until then. Head on over to our Big Canoe Community Facebook Page to view the preview, and stay tuned for the final production later this year!