Six Degrees of Separation; Quite Literally

SixDegreesofSeparationFor centuries, people have been traveling to the North Georgia mountains to escape the Southern heat. Even at the peak of summer, our temperatures rarely climb past 90 degrees Fahrenheit. With our cool, mountain breezes and refreshing summer showers, the Big Canoe summer climate is typically quite mild. In fact, at any given time, Big Canoe is usually four to eight degrees cooler than Atlanta, just one hour south. Plus, unlike many parts of Georgia and the Southeast in general, we usually get to experience all four beautiful seasons.

One of the most unique parts of mountain living, is that these temperature and climate changes can even vary right here within the gates. It could be raining in the higher elevations such as Sanderlin Mountain, while your neighbors in the lower elevations could be outside enjoying a clear and sunny day! It’s all just a part of the Canoe Life®; and honestly one of our favorite parts.

If you’re planning a visit to Big Canoe, it’s best to dress and pack in layers. Dress for success, keep an open and adventurous mind, and enjoy the refreshingly crisp air in our lovely North Georgia mountains. We hope you enjoy this last month or so of summer, and we hope to see you soon!