Out With The Old to Make Room for the New

Does this look familiar? If it does, these few tips will help you declutter your house in time for the spring cleaning season so you can get outside and enjoy the beautiful mountain air of Big Canoe.

• Go through your closet and create a pile of gently worn clothes for Goodwill, or your favorite charity. If you have not worn that pair of acid wash jeans, chance are they are not coming back in style anytime soon. Donate them!

• Go through your sock drawer….I bet you have at least 4 orphans. If you do this for every member of your house, you will surely free up some space to move in some reinforcements.

• Let’s peak into the pantry. Yes, believe it or not, spices do expire. Did you know the shelf life for oregano is 1-3 years? So if your go-to Italian herb is older than your Italian toddler…toss it. The spice, not your child.

• Get rid of all of your UFO’s….Unidentified Frozen Objects. If you are like me, you may have some tinfoil spheres in your freezer than could be fruit cake from this holiday season, or some mystery meat from the family reunion 3 years ago. When in doubt, throw it out.

Hopefully these tips will help you be more organized for a less cluttered 2016!