It’s So Easy to Meet New Friends in Big Canoe

We hear all the time from our new residents how pleased they’ve been that it is so easy to meet people and make new friends in Big Canoe. Part of the credit for that goes to the more than fifty clubs which are active in the community. There’s no way we can cover them all, but we’ll mention some of the more popular clubs here. The main point is that these active groups of Big Canoe residents share many common interests and they are a great way to meet new people and find friends. For instance, two months ago we wrote about the Hiking Club of Big Canoe, and these folks have become fast friends and don’t want to miss a single opportunity to get out on the trails and enjoy each other’s company. Fellowship is only one of the factors which brings this group together. They do a great service to Big Canoe by monitoring the trails and helping out with brush removal and cleaning up after storms.

Service is an important common denominator for many Big Canoe Clubs. The Wildflower Bunch is one of Big Canoe’s largest and most active. These are experienced gardeners who are always eager to meet and discuss new ideas in gardening and landscaping. They sponsor a plant sale and frequent meetings where a guest speaker will come and talk about his/her special interests in gardening. Members of the Wildflower Bunch have been part of the restoration project to bring the Meadows back to its former attractiveness. The Mountain Birders are also active in Meadows restoration, with a special emphasis on creating a welcoming habitat for more birds.

A common feature of all these clubs is that they meet frequently and are always open to new members. There are more than a dozen ladies book groups and also several for men. These meet monthly to discuss a current book that everyone has read. There are poker and bridge groups, and even Mah Jongg. There are men’s and women’s golf and tennis groups. There’s an art club, a knitter’s guild, and a quilting circle. The Friendship Force has a very active chapter here in Big Canoe; they have welcomed visiting Friendship Force clubs from Canada and Europe to our community. We mustn’t forget BCAR… this is the animal rescue group that maintains a shelter for abandoned dogs and cats and frequently opens on the weekend to encourage residents to consider adopting a new pet.

One of Big Canoe’s largest and most active clubs is called the Ridgerunners. This is a social organization for all the women in Big Canoe. Their motto is “A Bridge of Friendship in Big Canoe.” They hold monthly meetings and luncheons, and twice a year they sponsor large functions like the Spring Fashion Show and the Christmas Luncheon. Many a lifelong friendship got its start between two members of the Ridgerunner’s Club. This has always been one of the most attractive features of Big Canoe– How Easy it is to Make New Friends Here.