From the moment we drove through the gates at Big Canoe

Guest Blogger: Adam Noll, That Outdoor Guy


“From the moment we drove through the gates at Big Canoe…” I feel certain is what the great majority of people share when recounting their first visit. Add me to that group of wowed visitors, since the immediate splendor of the Southern forest in this North Georgia mountain setting, the winding roads, the iconic covered bridge, and the very noticeable “differences” flooded my senses.

It’s not often that my children—16 and 9—are very impressed, but they were speechless, as I narrated the details recalled from the Discovery Package literature I had received in the mail. We live in a mountain-top community that overlooks Chattanooga, Tennessee, so what we were seeing shouldn’t have been that novel to us…but it was! The quiet roads we were traveling to get to our accommodations felt more like driving through a national park than an 8,000+ acre neighborhood.

We passed an exciting recreation area, with a lovely pool visible from the road. From the unique street and stop signs to the well-maintained roads, nothing was out of place. The wooden bridge that spanned one of the many streams that flow through Big Canoe was another welcome-but-unexpected touch, as was the gorgeous heavy beam-designed entrance to the Wildcat section. As we passed the Wildcat Recreation Center, we spotted several small groups of women out walking together. This community was active like us!

When we pulled up to our accommodations, the newly-constructed home before us was like something out of my very best homeownership dreams. The Craftsman-style home and detached garage were gorgeous, and when we opened the front door, we were speechless again…until my 16-year-old daughter exclaimed, “DADDY, LOOK!” My 9-year-old son didn’t know what to say, so I sent him off to find his room for our 3-day, 2-night Discovery Package stay. While they were off getting settled in, I walked around like I was in an art museum. Every. Single. Detail. From the design and layout of the home, to the beautiful furniture and décor, was like no home I’ve ever lived in. I could go on and on about the home, but I wouldn’t do it the justice that hopefully my photographs will.

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