Big Canoe Fishing

The fishing at Big Canoe is outstanding.


Let me tell you a true “fish story” … so I am out on a pontoon boat on Lake Petit with my husband (a 65 year old fishing expert with a tackle box that is beyond description),my son – who at 40+ is an expert fisherman as well, my 11 year old grandson and my 7 year old granddaughter. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Of course, after a short period of time my granddaughter was bored, so I consented to fish for her with her pink Barbie fishing rod and a simple worm on the hook. A few nibbles here and there, and you know what happened next? Within 5 minutes I was reeling in a beautiful 14” rainbow trout! This was the largest catch on this particular fishing venture – of course I try not to rub that in to my husband’s and son’s “expert fisherman” egos…

That evening grandpa dressed the trout and it was delicious. Here’s what he did:

– Scale and clean the fish – removing head
– Place a slice of bacon on a square of extra strong tin foil
– Place fish on bacon – add slices onion, a slice of lemon, salt, pepper and paprika and a pat of butter (he may have used 2 pats)
– Bring foil up over fish – seal tight over top with a double fold and seal ends
– Place on grill 4 inches over hot coals (or heat)
– Cook about 20 minutes, turning once. Serve with rice and a local fresh veggie.