Autumn in North Georgia

By David Holty – Why does it seem like everyone is headed up to North Georgia? Well, this time of year that’s an easy question to answer.

For most residents and visitors too, autumn is the favorite time to visit North Georgia. There are many reasons why this is such a busy season. First, there is the fall foliage which is just about to burst forth. In the past several summers we’ve had drought and then a deluge in 2013. But the summer of 2014 has been quite moderate, and we are expecting the fall colors to be glorious. Already our three maple trees in the front yard are beginning to turn, and in a couple of weeks the entire mountain vista will be breathtaking.

We have a special autumn attraction right here in Big Canoe. The Big Canoe Fine Art Event will be open for two weeks, from October 23 to November 2, on Thursdays through Sundays from 10 AM to 4 PM. Featuring works by glass masters, potters, painters, sculptors, photographers, furniture makers and quilters, the show is free and offered in one of the Big Canoe Building Group’s new model homes in the Bluffs neighborhood. For directions and additional information you can call Big Canoe Realty at 770-893-2733 or 1-866-244-2266. Why not plan your exploration of North Georgia activities right here with a visit to the Fine Art Show.

Among the popular attractions here in North Georgia are the corn mazes. Fun for the whole family, several of these mazes were featured in this space back in September, 2013. Yahoo Farms has a maze; that’s conveniently located just west of I-515 on Highway 108 south of Jasper. Kernel Kob Corn Maze is on Salem Church Road in Jasper. Uncle Shucks is on Highway 53 just west of Georgia 400. And Buck’s Corn Maze is very popular; that’s just north of Dawsonville on New Hope Road. Each year these activities become more creative; some offer exciting nighttime maze explorations and even a haunted trail or two.

Have you got your Halloween pumpkins yet? We’ve also featured pumpkin patches here on this site; the granddaddy of them all is Burt’s, located on Highway 52 less than a mile from the entrance to Amicolola Falls State Park. You’ll find the biggest selection of pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn and other seasonal decorations at Burt’s. There are many other pumpkin patches, including Yahoo Farms [which also has its own maze] and Bradley’s Pumpkin Patch, which is very close by on Highway 183 just east of the intersection off Acton road.

No story about the fall attractions here in North Georgia would be complete without apples. Surely this is the apple capital of the southeast… if not the entire U.S.! We’ve mentioned many popular apple farm stores in this space before; perhaps the best known of all is Mercier’s up in Blue Ridge. They attract tourists from all over the country. There are at least a dozen apple stores with local orchards just a few miles from here along Georgia 52. Several others are located along I-515 from Ellijay all the way up to the Tennessee border. Here’s a really special treat. Panorama Farm Market is located just south of Ellijay right on the east side of Interstate 515. This farm store has its own apples and peaches, of course, plus many delicacies like preserves and baked goods and sweets. But my favorite– and it’s worth a side trip from Big Canoe just for this– is their home-made fresh peach ice cream. Ask for Peggy behind the counter and she will serve you a giant waffle cone filled with the most delicious fresh peach ice cream you’ve ever tasted! We’ve been back to see Peggy several times, and you’ll want to come back too.