Atlanta Motorsports Park: A Country Club for Cars


Big Canoe’s mountainous curving roads, though beautiful, aren’t the best for fast driving. Fortunately, Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is in nearby Dawsonville, just a quick trip down the road. Many Big Canoe residents are members of this exciting automotive playground, and enjoy pushing their sports cars to the limit on its award-winning, two-mile track. This “motorsports country club” was voted “Top 10 in America” by Road and Track magazine, and the track gives daring drivers the chance to enjoy a high-speed thrill.

AMP offers six types of memberships, from Private and Family, to Karting and Corporate. Members enjoy exclusive events throughout the year, a sophisticated racing center and clubhouse, luxury garages and kart storage in one of its three garage complexes, and much more. When it comes to putting rubber on the road, there’s something for everyone; like the teen driver program, precision driving and race driving academy, kart racing school, and specialized training on AMP’s unique wet skid pad and ice hill. And best of all, the Park donates 10% of its profits to charity.

With an on-site helipad, AMP members come from all over the country and many don’t live in the area full-time. Because of the Park’s close proximity to Big Canoe, many AMP members seek a second home for comfortable lodging nearby. They have the convenient option to build a custom home or buy an existing home in Big Canoe that meets their needs when in town to enjoy their Park membership. No need to worry about transporting their luxury cars from another city or state; they can simply leave them parked in the security of their own second home and custom garage in Big Canoe. This is also a great option for businesses that have a Corporate membership to AMP, and want a private home to impress their clients or to host company conferences/events.

Not a trained driving professional? No problem! According to AMP’s Jan Stockbridge, “Most of our members have never driven on a track. You definitely don’t need to be a race car driver!” But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like one for the day. After all, why buy a fast car if you can’t drive fast? Experience the freedom of driving your vehicle the way it was meant to be driven. Atlanta Motorsports Park is just another example of the awesome amenities close to the gates of Big Canoe.