The Art of “Rightsizing”: Find the Perfect Home for Your Lifestyle


Traditionally, empty-nesters begin looking to downsize into smaller family homes as their children grow up and move away to start their own families. Smaller, single-level floor plans appeal to homeowners who long for a master suite on the main level and easy access to the laundry room. Yet, many people don’t want to give up the extra bedrooms, bathrooms and storage that a larger, multi-level home provides.

Downsizing isn’t always necessary in Big Canoe, where our mountainous terrain provides a unique solution to the desire for a more manageable home that is still spacious. The solution? Something we like to refer as “rightsizing”. The important thing isn’t about how big or small your house is, but whether it fits your lifestyle and budget.

Inverted or reverse floor plans are common here; the master bedroom is on the main level, accessible from the “top” or entry-level floor, along with the kitchen and laundry areas. Extra bedrooms and bathrooms, storage, and bonus living spaces are on the bottom ground level (we call this the “terrace” level). The incline of mountainous terrain is what makes this plan possible. This works beautifully for empty-nesters and retirees, because the downstairs can be essentially closed off when not in use. See some examples of this type of floor plan here.

Thanks to our large inventory of reverse floor plans, residents at all stages of life can hang on to plenty of space for storage and guests without the attendant headaches. Big Canoe Realty has home sites from $30,000 to $300,000+ and new construction homes from $400,000 to $3,000,000+. Resale homes are also available to fit just about any budget or life stage.

Instead of downsizing, remember the art of “rightsizing” to find the perfect living arrangement for you.