What About The 4-Legged Family Members?

With the winter weather we have had recently, it made me wonder if we are all doing our best to care for our pets. When the temperature dips, we can do our part as responsible pet owners by following just a few simple steps to keep our fury friends safe and healthy this season.

1). Keep your house pets in the house: As much as we think our dog or cat loves spending time outside, they will be much safer if they are brought inside when the temperature starts to fall. Up here in the mountains, this happens quicker than you may realize!

2). Keep your pets hydrated: If your pets do spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure their water bowl is not frozen, and replenish with fresh water several times a day. Use plastic bowls outdoors whenever possible, since metal bowls tend to freeze faster.

3). Check your car before starting it: Even though your cat may be safe and warm inside the house, the neighbor’s cat or other wildlife may be under the car inside the hood since engines tend to stay warm long after they are turned off. Take a quick walk around the car and tap on the hood a few times to scare any stowaways.

4). Halt the Salt: Did you know that the chemicals used in the salt to melt snow and ice can cause havoc on your pet’s paw pads? After they come in from outside, make sure to wipe their paws with a damp cloth or paper towel. The good news is that Big Canoe does not use ice-melting chemicals on the roads here; only stone dust grit. However, your pet could potentially come across salt on walkways, so better to be safe than sorry.

We are very fortunate to have our own animal rescue shelter within the gates of Big Canoe, Big Canoe Animal Rescue (BCAR). If you ever have any questions regarding your own pet or evena stray, they are a great source of information. And if you have any gently used toys, pet beds or extra food, they would be greatly appreciative of any donations. Even old towels can be donated! They are located adjacent to Big Canoe’s North Gate, and you can reach them on the web at: www.bigcanoeanimalrescue.org.