Big Canoe – Best Hiking Community of the Year

Real Estate Scorecard

January 31, 2015

Written by Margie Casey

Last October, we spent a month at Big Canoe, an award winning gated community in the Blue Ridge Mountains and one of the best places to retire in Georgia. We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful time of the year. Like many of our clients, we too are considering a home in the mountains. Folks might be surprised to discover Big Canoe has 22 miles of genuine hiking trails, not double-purpose community sidewalks. The well maintained hiking trails lead to waterfalls, Indian trail tree markers, historic moonshine stills and cabins dating back to the early 1800’s. During the spring, wildflowers and Rhododendron fill the forest. During the fall, the forest floor is carpeted with crunchy leaves and falling acorns. The smells and sounds are invigorating hiking in Georgia.

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