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Big Canoe: An Autumnal Paradise

Guest Blogger: Adam Noll, That Outdoor Guy

“As the days grew closer to our second stay in Big Canoe, so did our level of excitement! The children and I had many lively dinner-time conversations recalling our …

A Few Important Things To Do When Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

By Carolyn Littell

My Husband and I are Real Estate Agents with Big Canoe Realty, and have lived in Big Canoe for over 15 years. We happen to be selling our current home and Big Canoe …

Stuffing-Stuffed Mushroom Caps: The Tastiest Way to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

We all know what to do with leftover turkey after Thanksgiving Day— sandwiches, soups, and pot pies are simple classics for using what’s left of the bird. But what about leftover stuffing? Our deceptively easy …

Join the Club! There's Always Something to Do in Big Canoe

Canoe Life ® in our beautiful mountains is peaceful and quiet—but it never has to be boring! Big Canoe is home to dozens of groups and clubs dedicated to sharing a huge variety of activities …


Former WSB-TV news anchor’s home in Big Canoe honors nature

Atlanta Journal Constitution 

By Lori Johnston 

November 7, 2016 

Bears fill retired news anchor John Pruitt’s home, from artwork and sculptures to stuffed animals and lamps. The tale told to Pruitt and his wife, Andrea, is that bears …


Featured Builders: Big Canoe Building Group

Builders Club Rewards

November 2016

Big Canoe Building Group in The Mountains of Big Canoe; Builders by trade, craftsmen by nature 

Only one hour north of Atlanta, lies a private residential mountain community situated on over 8,000 acres …

Boo! Halloween Comes to Big Canoe and Beyond

On October 29, celebrate a spooky night in Big Canoe with the annual Trunk or Treat event, held on the Wildcat Recreation Area field. Fun for the whole family, Trunk or Treat features a car …

Wellness Collaborative Taste of the Mountains Event

Written By Rhonda Stock, President, Big Canoe Wellness Collaborative

We all know that Big Canoe is a beautiful and unique place. That same natural beauty that drew all of us to Big Canoe also has the …

Start Prepping Your Home for Cooler Temps with 3 Easy Steps

Preparing your home for colder weather doesn’t have to make you shiver. Below are three simple ways to do it right:
1. Clean your gutters and inspect your roof
Avoid costly water damage by keeping your gutters …

Savor the Harvest: Creamy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

When the pumpkins and gourds start appearing, you know that fall has officially arrived. It might add a festive splash of color to your autumn decor, but the humble pumpkin is also a nutrition powerhouse. …