Awards &

Resident Testimonials

Awards &

Resident Testimonials

  • Awards & Testimonials

More than Award Winning

Over the years, Big Canoe has won several community awards, including:

-2015 Real Estate Scorecard Bliss Award™, Hiking Community of the Year

-2014 “The Nationals” Silver Award, Master Planned Community of the Year

-2014 Real Estate Scorecard Bliss Award™, Mountain Community of the Year

-2012 Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, Best Amenity Package for 500+ Units

-2012 Real Estate Scorecard Bliss Award™, Community of the Year

-2011 OBIE Award, Community of the Year – Master Plan


Awards are great, but Big Canoe offers an experience that’s best understood by visiting. Of course, you can see below what our residents are saying about Big Canoe.

This is Canoe Life®

“Big Canoe is a private residential community waiting just for you, located just 1 hour north of Atlanta at the foot of the appalachian mountain range.”



“It’s other-worldly, quite frankly it is. To think that this is just 40 minutes away from home to be able to come up here.

Canoe Life at this point means serenity and relaxation because that’s the most consistent thing I feel when I am here…Canoe Life to me means to be a happy camper!”


“We live full time in Atlanta and we were looking for a place to get away for the weekends. [Big Canoe] just had the best amenities. Canoe Life for me means family time…as there’s so much to do as a family.

What Big Canoe has that a lot of places didn’t is in certain places we were looking you’d have to drive a pretty good distance to get to water, pool, trails…all of that is just within a few minutes …Our Canoe Life is being outside”


“The first minute through the gate we where immediately in love.

So far away from the city, yet it’s not. Life in Big Canoe is every bit as convenient as life in Forsyth County…You can customize your experience in Big Canoe. It’s an endless variety of things to help you find happy.

There are so many choices. We found a fabulous house.”


“We honestly initially thought that we were going to use it as an investment property…we very quickly fell in love with it so much that we couldn’t bear to not be here on the weekend.

We have made a fantastic group of friends, our kids go to each others birthday parties…that’s really helped round out and bring a lot of balance to the life we have working in Atlanta.


“I was amazed at how close this was to the Atlanta area and so nice and mountainous. It just was absolutely gorgeous.

Whether it’s biking on the bike trail, or hiking through  a mountain trail on foot, the lakes, the golf – it’s whatever you are in the mood for that day or that weekend it’s just available at your doorstep.

The people are so friendly and real, and that’s how we like to be is real.”